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Our core values and the resources to understand them.

Learning by doing

“Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I'll understand.” _ Confucius

Technology is a tool

We prefer to create and master our tools instead of being subjected to them. Computers can store, process, receive and transmit information. We use these capacities the way we need & like it to communicate, and create.

Free software

GNU/Linux is created following Hacking Ethic Principles. Both values and organisationnal model inspire us as they bring a new consciousness and resources for our connected world. We promote free as in freedom software.


To fight digital divide, making information technologies accessible and understandable by everyone is a requirement. Thanks to its attractive superpowers Jerry can break cultural, social, and economical barriers down.

Open knowledge

Ideas nourrish from other ideas, we want to demonstrate that sharing and exchanging knowledge is far more powerful than retaining informations. Our goal is to facilitate the sharing of knowlegde to empower the community so that people can learn from each others instead of being isolated learners.

Do it Together

Jerry is not a product, Jerry is an open community. Jerry is not own by anyone, it is open to everyone. Jerry evolves with the contributions of its members.

Distributed networks

The distribution of the autority on the nodes of the network makes internet more resilient.

Remix everything


Electronic waste harm both the people and our environment. The biggest part of the overall footprint happens during manufacturing process. We use and resuse electronic hardware as long as we can to limit this negative impact. Let's make value out of the waste around us!


In a complex environment one need to constantly adapt to survive. We encourage grass roots initiatives to rise up and to fall into the promising unkown of making new things! Therefore we prefer flexibility and ad hoc collaboration over hierarchy.

Have FUN !

We enjoy doing what we do when we do it.

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